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Watch: Chris Matthews and Sean Spicer Have Something In Common

Watch: Chris Matthews and Sean Spicer Have Something In Common

Sean Spicer has been swimming in hot water for the last two days after saying Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons. After making the statement, he just dug himself in even deeper by making defensive statements that didn’t seem to make much sense.

However, after hearing his comments, internet users reminded us that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said the same thing back in 2013. During an August 27th ‘Morning Joe’ episode, Matthews was upset with Obama’s policy in Syria and quickly mentioned that Hitler “didn’t use chemical weapons.”

Without missing a beat, Matthews stated that chemical weapons weren’t used in World War II or by Hitler:

“We didn’t use [chemical weapons] in World War II, Hitler didn’t use them. But we don’t use chemical weapons. That’s no deal.”

According to Daily Caller, Matthews also wondered what would stop Syria:

“Matthews then pondered what could stop a country like Syria from using nuclear weapons if mutually assured destruction wasn’t enough of a deterrent.”

The Daily Caller claimed that Matthews defended Spicer. However, we could find no record of that happening. According to the Daily Caller Matthews was well aware of his comments and even backed up Spicer’s comment. He explained that the White House press secretary was referring to how Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on the battlefield. He was not referring to the mass genocide using gas chambers.


Do you think there is a distinction between chemical weapons in the battlefield and what Hitler did in the gas chambers? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Daily Caller


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