Home News Watch: CNN Travels to Thailand Prison to Try and Get the Full Spread On Trump

Watch: CNN Travels to Thailand Prison to Try and Get the Full Spread On Trump

Watch: CNN Travels to Thailand Prison to Try and Get the Full Spread On Trump

CNN is literally “down in the dumpster” looking for clues that will get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. The news outlet is dispatching reporters around the world hoping to find the dirt that may dismantle the Trump administration.

CNN sent a reporter to St. Petersburg last month where he literally dug around a dumpster looking for leads. And on Tuesday, CNN sent a reporter to Bangkok to speak with a prostitute who claims to have damaging information on the Trump team’s alleged collusion with Russia.

The woman, Anastasia Vashukevich, who describes herself as a “sex coach,” is presently imprisoned in Bangkok after being accused of plying her trade without a permit. She hopes that America will offer her asylum in exchange for her story.

CNN apparently found that story credible enough to send a reporter to cover. Ivan Watson met with the woman and reported: “She described herself as a seductress. This woman claims to have evidence of Russian meddling in the U.S. election. The question, is this a desperate ploy to get out of jail, or as her friend claims, is this young woman truly in danger because she knows too much?”

After talking with the woman, Watson reported: “I came out of this detention center. It was loud and hot and chaotic and talking through the bars she says she witnessed meetings between the Russian billionaire and three Americans who she refused to name. He claims they discussed plans to effect the U.S. elections but she wouldn’t give any further information because she fears she could be deported back to Russia.”

CNN generated hype for her possible credibility by noting that she was once in a photo with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. He has been associated with Paul Manafort. Deripaska said that the woman is not his mistress and that she simply wants to use him to get out of jail.

If it turns out that CNN is not interested in her story of Trump/Russia collusion, she also claims to have tapes that document Russian government crimes.

Look, I’m having a hard time with this especially with the news today that a British spy that conducted operations in Russia is fighting for his life and may not make it. If this woman had any information going back to Russia and could expose them she wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Do you think CNN is going to push this story?

Credit: grabien news


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