Home News Watch: CNN’s Cuoco and Sebastian Gorka Throw Down On CNN

Watch: CNN’s Cuoco and Sebastian Gorka Throw Down On CNN

Watch: CNN’s Cuoco and Sebastian Gorka Throw Down On CNN

Trump’s Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka and CNN’s Chris Cuoco fell into a heated debate after Trump’s controversial confession on Monday.

Early Monday morning, the President tweeted a comment about his executive order on immigration that sent shockwaves through the media:

The order, which blocked the immigration from six Middle Eastern countries and gave a suspension for Syrian refugees, was stalled in the Supreme Court after it was signed by the President in March. After the London terrorist attacks on Saturday, however, Trump tweeted that “we need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety,” and he called for the review and reinstatement of his order.

Trump’s declaration goes against what the White House advertised about the order after it was released. In the briefing from Secretary Sean Spicer on January 31, he explicitly stated that the order was “not a travel ban.”

Cuoco highlights the differences in Gorka’s interview with CNN’s “New Day,” accusing Trump’s administrators of tickling the public’s ears to cover up the order’s real intent:

“You guys played games about it and said it’s not a ban.”

Gorka responded with a scowl and a shake of his head, but Cuomo persisted in his accusations, saying that when the President confessed the true nature of the order as a travel ban, it contradicted the White House propaganda:

“That is spin. You are the purveyor of spin because that was your message, that it wasn’t a ban, and it is untrue.”

In response, Gorka brought up how the order was based on Obama administration’s list of the seven nations of concern – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. He then asked Cuomo if Obama was also a “purveyor of spin.”

Cuomo refuted his connection and told the White House aide “the facts are not your friend here”:

“That move with the executive order from the Obama administration was about travel to those countries. It was about who was coming out and why”

He went on to say that Trumps order targets Muslims specifically and puts the emphasis on blocking out this people group from the U.S. while allowing space for non-Muslims to enter in.

Gorka argued quite impudently against Cuomo’s logic, pointing out the most populous Muslim and Arab countries Indonesia and Egypt were not placed on the order. He first asked Cuomo to engage in “a little Trivial Pursuit,” before he quizzed him down about the main Muslim nations. The host refused to play games, responding “you tell me; these are your answers.”

Gorka said that with this logic, the “fake news propaganda collapses” and that Cuoco’s “spin fails.”

If we had some dark, dread, ulterior motive, then those are the first two nations you would put on the list, not the seven nations that the Obama White House identified as the greatest concern.

He claimed that if they did intend to target Muslims, it would be illogical to put Obama’s list in their order.

Cuomo argued back that the Obama administration focused terror-hubs, while the Trump administration is pointing at nationality. He used the absence of Saudi Arabia, a nation widely known for producing fifteen of the nineteen hijackers from 9/11.


He made his case further by highlighting, not the excluded nations, but the nations that administrators chose to involve:

“Those countries are all Muslim majority. You did a carve-out for non-Muslims, and that’s why it got struck down originally, allegedly recognized as being overreaching by people like you.”

He then went on to again accuse Trump’s aides of simply rejecting their underlying heart in the matter:

“The intention is clear that you want to target Muslims from those places. I see that you’re a little slow to want to own that.”

The conversation did not get any friendlier after this dispute. Gorka expressed obvious frustration when Cuomo brought up Trump’s tweets, and claimed that Trump’s statements were not “policy” but simply “social media.” Cuomo took this as suggesting that the public should not regard what Trump says outside of his policy statements.

Credit: The Hill


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