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Watch: Kellyanne Conway Supports Trump’s Twitter Addiction

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Supports Trump’s Twitter Addiction

Kellyanne Conway has been all over the morning news this Friday. She appeared on both “Good Morning America” and “Fox and Friends.” You can watch her interview with the Fox News show below. In that interview, they play the response that Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough make against the controversial tweets the president made yesterday insulting Mika’s IQ and referencing her “bloody” facelift. The MSNBC hosts began by questioning Trump’s emotional and mental balance.
In the “Good Morning America” interview, Conway talked about what she supports and what she doesn’t support regarding the president. She said that she support’s Trump’s “right to fight back,” but would not say whether she stands by his “attacks” on Twitter. Conway said to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, “The president normally does not draw first blood. He is a counter-puncher. I endorse the president’s right to fight back when he is mercilessly attacked and when the airwaves are filled with raw sewage about him and his fitness for office,” she said.
When Kellyanne was pressed further on whether she endorses Trump’s tweets, she responded, “I didn’t say I endorsed his attacks; I never said that. What I said was I endorse his ability to fight back when he is attacked.”
Conway then turned the focus back to the media, accusing the press of covering attacks against Trump’s “physical and mental states on national television every day” rather than “connecting Americans with the information they need” about healthcare and other policy reform.
She summed up her position in this way, “Bottom line, I endorse his ability to connect on social media with Americans, and I endorse, as the first lady has said, him firing back when he is being mercilessly attacked,” Conway said. “The good I hope comes out of this is that we change the conversation; that respect for the office of the president and its current occupant are intact and that we have a full conversation on policy.”
There is one good thing that has seemed to come from these highly insulting tweets from the president. There seems to be a universal unity that he went too far. What do you think about Conway’s response?
Credit: ABC News


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