Home National News Watch: Conway Pushes Mueller, She Wants Names, and She Wants Them Now

Watch: Conway Pushes Mueller, She Wants Names, and She Wants Them Now

Watch: Conway Pushes Mueller, She Wants Names, and She Wants Them Now

Kellyanne Conway shocked her audience when she suggested that the head of the Russian investigation should reveal all the names of attorneys hired since it’s been revealed that many Democratic donors are part of the team attacking Trump. “I think it’s relevant information that the public should have,” Conway told Fox.
Appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller has his office currently designing how the team will look. So far, a spokesman has reported that they have brought on 13 attorneys and Mueller’s office has confirmed six names.
Andrew Weissmann is one of those names. Weissmann is the chief of the DOJ criminal division’s fraud section, and he donated $2,300 to Obama in 2008. James Quarles is another name on that list. Quarles was a Watergate assistant special prosecutor who has given thousands to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Lastly, Chuck Schumer and Jeannie Rhee are both on the list and have again donated thousands to the Obama’s and Clintons.
Trump continues to call the investigation a “witch hunt” while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes having all these donors will make the probe not independent. Conway responded similarly to Gingrich saying, “And so if we’re going to talk about transparency and accountability and who all the players are here, I think it’s relevant that people know that Mr. Mueller’s team includes folks who gave significant amounts of money” to Democrats.” You can watch her comments below in context or you can buffer to the 9:40 mark when she specifically mentions this.

According to a 2008 DOJ inspector general report, Mueller’s office will be governed by rules stating that they cannot have “discrimination in hiring for career positions on the basis of political affiliations.”
But despite Trump and his lawyer denying any investigation, Trump has hired another attorney named John Dowd. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is also considering new counsel after Jamie Gorelick’s following statement:


“After the appointment of our former partner Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, we advised Mr. Kushner to obtain the independent advice of a lawyer with appropriate experience as to whether he should continue with us as his counsel.”

Credit: Fox News


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