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Watch: Coulter SLAMS Conservative Group After Berkeley Debacle

Watch: Coulter SLAMS Conservative Group After Berkeley Debacle

Well, the controversy over Ann Coulter’s freedom to speak at UC-Berkeley is over, and those that wanted her brand of truth silenced have won. Ann Coulter said universities like UC-Berkeley are “radical.” She joined Sean Hannity in a Fox News interview and said that progressives on campus want to “destroy and squelch” conservatives’ free speech.
Ironically, Coulter added that progressives in the media and government, like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and TV personality, Joy Behar, think that the protestors at the campus went too far. Coulter said, “I’m not just some homeless person wandering onto the square, but I’d be allowed to speak then too.” The conservative pundit criticized her Berkeley event sponsors for “running away,” saying that the Republican Party should change its motto to “next time.” Coulter referenced the Young America’s Foundation, which is a conservative group on campus. She said the group preferred a “strongly-worded statement” instead of a lawsuit against the university. Coulter said that such a move lets their opponents know that conservatives would kick the can down the road in the fight for free speech.
“The GOP should change their motto to ‘Next Time’– We’ll fight them next time,” Coulter said. “No, I want to win now. Can Republicans ever win ‘now’?” she asked.

In the Hannity interview which you can watch below, Coulter compared the Berkeley situation to Republicans allowing liberal justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sail through confirmation, while Democrats fight to keep conservatives like Robert Bork off of the high court. When they Young America’s Foundation decided on the “strong statement” strategy rather than a lawsuit, they just delayed the fight for conservative speech on campuses in America for another day. Coulter said because her allies “ran away,” it meant that there was absolutely nothing she could do to make sure the speech happened and it wasn’t canceled.
After you watch the interview, let us know in the comments what you think should have happened at UC-Berkeley. Was this fair or unjust? We look forward to hearing what you believe.


Credit: Fox News Insider


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