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Watch: County Starts Resistance to California Lunacy

Watch: County Starts Resistance to California Lunacy

Michelle Steel, the Orange County California Supervisor, believes her whole county should opt out of sanctuary state laws because of public safety, she said on Fox News on Friday.

“We have to overturn this bad law in California,” Steel said. “I think that this law is unconstitutional. So that’s why we started, and we are going to take legal action.”

Steel is focusing on the sanctuary state law that Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed back in January. The law makes it more difficult for local law enforcement to coordinate with federal officials on immigration.

“I think this law is [a] bad law,” Steel added. “And this is stopping local police from working with the federal government. And this comes down to public safety. So it’s not really safe on the street … The first priority is public safety for the people. So we have to do something about it.”

Orange County has a significant immigrant population who supports the opt-out effort because they think California Democrats are responsible for the mayhem, Steel said.

“We have large immigrant communities, and we embrace our diverse culture,” she concluded. “We all work together, and they want to be safe. I always think that President Trump and ICE are not going after law-abiding immigrants. We are talking about criminal aliens here. So it’s about public safety.”

What the clip below and let us know what you think.


Credit: Daily Caller


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