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Watch: Disturbing Or Patriotic? Trump Tweets Again

Watch: Disturbing Or Patriotic? Trump Tweets Again

Well, this is sure to have a wide spectrum of opinion! President Trump released a tweet in celebration of July 4th with this message: #HappyIndependenceDay #July4 #USA.
What is quickly becoming controversial is the video that was attached to his message. The clip starts with a magnificent brass band and a patriotic choir. You might assume that they are getting ready to deliver a passionate rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” or “America the Beautiful,” or even “God Bless America.” But the song that the choir sings with jubilance is none other than “Make America Great Again.” This is a song that Dallas First Baptist Church Pastor Gary Moore wrote for Trump while on the campaign trail. It’s the First Baptist Church choir that is singing the song in front of a huge American flag.
There is not much more sacred in America than her 4th of July celebration. It’s the day our Founders came together in unity and declared their independence from oppressive rule. It’s a celebration of the birth of our nation.
Some are taking issue with Trump’s tweet as a signal that the president was trying to take the nation’s holiday and make it about himself. Sarah Wood, writing for New Century Times said, “First of all, the country is already great. Secondly, how dare he use this sacred national holiday to promote his own slogan. This holiday is not about him; it’s about all of us. It’s about our nation’s founding. It’s not about him. NOT. AT. ALL. His giant ego needs to take a back seat. At least for the Fourth of July. But be prepared. He’ll probably make Christmas about himself, too. If he’s not forced to resign by then.”
What do you think about the video Trump tweeted? Is it ego driven or is it legit? We look forward to seeing your comments.
Credit: New Century Times


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