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Watch: Did Eric Trump Comments Go Too Far?

Watch: Did Eric Trump Comments Go Too Far?

With all the recent negative press the Trump Administration has sent out his two sons to defend the President. On Tuesday night during an appearance on the Sean Hannity Show, Eric Trump made disgusting comments about Democrats. Trump said:

“I’ve never seen hatred like this,” he said on Fox News’s “Hannity” Tuesday night. “To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country.”

“You see the Democratic Party, they’re imploding. They’re imploding. They became obstructionists because they have no message of their own.”

You see the head of the DNC, who is a total whack job,” he told host Sean Hannity. “There’s no leadership there.”
“They lost the [2016 presidential] election that they should have won because they spent seven times the amount of money that my father spent.”

You can watch the entire video so you can hear his comments in full context.


Some are saying that Eric Trump’s words go too far by claiming Democrats aren’t even human. What do you think about his comments?


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