Home News Watch: Former Advisor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett Voiced Grievances About Trump & Voters

Watch: Former Advisor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett Voiced Grievances About Trump & Voters

Watch: Former Advisor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett Voiced Grievances About Trump & Voters

Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama, said recently that the Trump administration is “abdicating” the United States’ role as the “world leader” and the “beacon of hope” by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

“It is unrefuted science that there are man-made consequences that are leading to the degradation of our planet. And it was unprecedented to have so many countries, nearly 200 countries from around the world, who followed the United States’ lead on this issue and came to the table and not just the government leaders but in our country, just hundreds and hundreds of large corporations signed on recognizing that it is not anti-business to care about our climate – it is not an either/or, it is a both and an imperative,” Jarrett said during an event sponsored by the Raben Group in Washington last week.

“So I think it signals to the world that the United States is not serious about protecting our planet. Now, I don’t know what other way to interpret a decision that I think could be as dramatically negatively impactful as that decision. And what it means is the rest of the world will move forward without us and the United States has always been that beacon of hope, the leader, the world leader, that’s why we’re called the world leader and we’re basically abdicating that role, so that’s disappointing to me,” she added.

The former advisor to Obama also expressed lingering frustration about Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential election. “I’m still pretty ticked off that 43 percent of average voters did not vote in the last election,” she said. Jarrett added that it was time to “ask ourselves” how to “instill” a lifelong passion of being “good citizens” in our young adults.

Jarrett had this to say about the politicization of healthcare, “What keeps me up at night is worrying about the moms who depend on ACA for all of the preventive care and not to mention prenatal care, the wellness visits and the cost of delivery,” she said. “I mean, the Affordable Care Act is now a part of the fabric of our country and part of why I think we’re seeing the kind of response we are to taking it away, is because people are now living with the benefits and I don’t know anybody my age who doesn’t have a pre-existing condition. But there are children with pre-existing conditions as well.”

Jarrett shared a memory of Obama telling her that nothing, not even his 2008 election night victory, could compare with Congress passing the Affordable Care Act. “Election night was all about getting to tonight,” Obama told her at the time.

Jarrett was asked if she had any advice for President Trump, she replied: “I’m not in the business of giving advice to presidents anymore.”

Do you agree with Jarrett? Has America lost its ability to be a “beacon of hope” in the world?


Credit: PJ Media


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