Home News Watch: Friend Of Comey Sends A Warning To President Trump

Watch: Friend Of Comey Sends A Warning To President Trump

Watch: Friend Of Comey Sends A Warning To President Trump

Trump apparently needs to watch his back as James Comey prepares to make a public statement for the first time since the White House released him from his duties in early May.

After calling Comey a “real nut job” during a meeting with Russian officials and firing him earlier this month, Trump has not hidden his distaste for the former FBI Director. He holds fast to the belief that Comey’s termination alleviated “great pressure” for our nation and its negotiations with Russia:

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job.”

Now, “Comey confidant” Benjamin Wittes reports to CNN that the former director has a scandalous story to report. He adds that Trump has reason to be afraid of what kind of things will come to light through Comey’s comments.

Comey has insisted that he will not tell his story privately. He has a strong desire to make his speech open to the public. Wittes finds this response from Comey thought provoking at the least:

“I think that’s a reflection of the fact that this is a guy with a story to tell. I think if I were Donald Trump that would scare me a lot.”

Comey agreed last week to make his public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and congressmen are eagerly waiting to hear what he has to say. The entire country is on their toes as Twitter blows up with speculation about what will be revealed.

He is planning to speak sometime after Memorial Day. No one is quite sure what he will testify. Some are expecting him to report that Trump tried to influence and sway him in the Russia investigation.


Wittes, however, seems to have a good idea of what will transpire between Comey and the committee. In his report to CNN, he appears well-informed. When he found out that Comey was asked to give a loyalty oath to President Trump, Wittes expressed that he was taken aback:

“I was very shocked and it certainly crystallized in my mind what a whole lot of these interactions that I have had with him meant and why he had reacted to them the way he had reacted. I suddenly understood them in a different and frankly, a more menacing and upsetting light than I had at the time of the conversation.”

Wittes also reported that Comey “is going to be fine,” and that he is not wasting time feeling sorry for himself.

Credit: The Hill


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