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Watch: GOP Congressman Says the CIA Is About to Get Their Eyes Opened

Watch: GOP Congressman Says the CIA Is About to Get Their Eyes Opened

The report that is forthcoming from the House Intelligence Committee Republicans is certainly going to raise some Democratic and media eyebrows. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) said on Monday that their findings will show that the CIA was just wrong in its assessment that Russia sought to help elect President Trump in 2016.

“I have spent a couple days out to the CIA actually reading the raw intelligence; actually reading what we were basing this on,” Stewart, a member of the intelligence panel, said on CNN. “And when we release this report, we’re going to be able to show, you know what, the CIA just got it wrong.”

The CIA, along with other agencies in America’s intelligence community, concluded in a report made public in the beginning of last year that Russia not only meddled in the 2016 presidential election but sought to sway it in favor of Trump.

“The CIA is not perfect. They often – or at least from time to time – will make mistakes, as do I, as do you, as does any agency,” Stewart said. “And we’re just going to have to show people they were wrong on this. They just misinterpreted some very key intelligence and drew the wrong conclusion.”

The House Intelligence Committee ended their investigation into Russia’s role in the election on Monday, more quickly than some Democrats wanted. The Republicans on the panel reported that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), who led the committee’s probe, said that while the committee believed that Russians used “active measures” to disrupt the election, they did not believe the intelligence community conclusion that Moscow favored Trump as a candidate.

Democrats on the committee criticized the decision to end the investigation and accused their Republican colleagues of failing to conduct a thorough investigation because they wanted to protect the president.

While the House committee ended their investigation, the criminal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has seemed to expand in recent weeks. Last month, Mueller unsealed indictments against 13 Russians who were connected to an alleged plot to bring chaos and division in the U.S. election.

Do you think it is possible that Russia didn’t care who won the election and their goal was simply to weaken America through chaos and division?

Credit: The Hill


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