Home News Watch: GOP Senator Is Now In Open Defiance and Trump Fires Back Instantly

Watch: GOP Senator Is Now In Open Defiance and Trump Fires Back Instantly

Watch: GOP Senator Is Now In Open Defiance and Trump Fires Back Instantly

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) just fired another shot at President Trump. He said Tuesday that Trump should leave foreign policy issues “to the professionals for a while.”

Corker was being interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when he said, “I want to support these efforts that are underway. The president undermines our secretary of State, raises tensions in the area by virtue of the tweets that he sends out.”

The Tennessee senator continued, “And I would just like for him to leave it to the professionals for a while and see if we can do something that’s constructive for our country, the region, and the world.”

These comments come just weeks after Corker and president Trump battled in a public Twitter feud. The senator chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has been arguing that Trump is keeping Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from successfully negotiating with the Chinese on halting North Korea’s nuclear advancement.

“Really, when you look at the fact that we’ve got this issue in North Korea and the president continues to kneecap his diplomatic representative, the secretary of State, and really move him away from successful diplomatic negotiations with China, which is key to this, you’re taking us on a path to combat,” Corker said.

Senator Corker also said that the President should stay out of the tax cut debate and let the Senate handle it. These comments come from Corker today as the President is set to meet with Republicans Senators on the Hill. Corker said:

“The tax-writing committees in the Senate and the House are going to be laying out the $4 trillion in loophole closings that need to take place,” Corker said Tuesday on NBC. “Hopefully the White House will step aside and let that occur in a normal process.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to discuss the tax-overhaul effort, a move Corker referred to as a “photo op.” Asked if the president should simply steer clear of the matter, Corker answered affirmatively.

“I would recommend that based on recent history and just interactions,” he said. “I think that’s the best way for us to have success.”

In the Clip below, you can see another interview that Corker did with “Today” on NBC. In that interview, he agrees that the president should “leave well enough alone.”

However, the President fired back on twitter almost immediately….



After the Presidents tweet the Senator went on CNN to say supporting Trump was a mistake. We will add video as it becomes available.

So, Mr. Corker, you want us to trust the Senate after the wonderful healthcare bill you put together?

What do you think about these latest jabs at President Trump from Corker?

Credit: The Hill | Bloomberg


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