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Watch: Hannity Backs Off

Watch: Hannity Backs Off

Did Sean Hannity just host his last show on the Fox News Channel? After two decades on Fox, Hannity may have given some strong hints on his last program that his time on that network may be over. Sean Hannity is under tremendous internal pressure over his reporting on the story of Seth Rich’s 2016 murder; which we reported yesterday.

In Hannity’s opening monolog on Tuesday, Hannity told his viewers, “I promise that I will continue, to tell the truth. As for my future at Fox News, Media Matters is attacking. The Left is organizing an advertising boycott. I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability. I serve at the pleasure of Fox News.” He concluded his program that night by saying, “Hopefully, I will see you again tomorrow night.” And Hannity had also tweeted this message regarding his future at Fox News:

Rupert Murdoch’s sons now run the day-to-day operations of the network, and some say they are fully committed to wiping away the conservative programming. Before what might be Hannity’s last program, Fox had retracted news coverage regarding Rich’s murder, which had generated much intrigue since the DNC staffer’s body was found last summer. Some stories were tying the murder to the Clintons.

Melanie Morgan, who co-founded StopTheScalpings, is leading the #StandWithSean effort while the much loved host is under fire. On the group’s Facebook page, Morgan told followers, “Hannity is under a REAL threat, but he promised, to tell the truth, and continue at Fox as long as they let him. Hannity has told me personally that he is making some strategic moves, and this has to do with the Seth Rich murder case. Sean Hannity is one smart, wily, fierce fighter. He needs our support even more now. There is turmoil and dissension at Fox News.”

Is this a media stunt to generate controversy and even more viewers, or is this a real signal that Fox News is changing and hosts like Hannity are on the way out?


Credit: Media Equalizer


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