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Watch: Krauthammer Bashes the Obama Administration Over Chemical Weapons

Watch: Krauthammer Bashes the Obama Administration Over Chemical Weapons

The recent air strikes on a Syrian air base has caused much more commotion than most people expected. Part of that is due to Russia defending Syria and part is because some believe this will result in cold war like tensions.

On a Monday broadcast of Fox News’ “Special Report,” Charles Krauthammer took aim at the Obama administration’s interactions with Syria. He argued that it was “hard to believe” that “any adult in the Obama administration” didn’t know that Syria’s claims that they had trashed all their chemical weapons wasn’t believable:

“I find it hard to believe anybody — any adult in the Obama administration was not aware of the fact that the Syrians are not people you can rely on when they make a promise about weapons of mass destruction or anything else. They — or the Russians. The Russians are ruthless about this. The Russians lie every day and twice on Sunday. The Russians deny any involvement in this. Of course, the Russians knew about this. The idea that we have to have an investigation is ridiculous, but that’s who they are. And the fact that the Obama administration never understood that is a blot on their record.”

But while the Obama administration refused to take a hard stance, the Trump administration is already preparing to be like a brick wall. President Trump has already warned Syria with one missile strike and then warned any further action could result in the U.S. attacking once more.

What do you think about the Obama Administration’s ‘ignorance’ of this? Do you think they just didn’t want to start anything, so they just ignored it? Or do you genuinely believe that they believed Syria when the country said it got rid of all their chemical weapons? Let us know below!


Credit: Breitbart


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