Home News Watch: Maxine Waters Declares Who Trump Should Really Be Afraid Of

Watch: Maxine Waters Declares Who Trump Should Really Be Afraid Of

Watch: Maxine Waters Declares Who Trump Should Really Be Afraid Of

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) flat out said that President Trump should be concerned about his second in command. She played up reports that Vice President Pence is looking to a 2020 presidential run against the president he serves.

“The rumor is is that [Pence] is getting ready because maybe he believes that something might happen and he should be ready to step in, or that he could run in 2020 and win,” Waters told MSNBC’s Joy Reid Sunday on “AM Joy.” “So I don’t think that we should be concerned about him. Trump should be concerned about him,” she continued.

Waters has been one of, if not the loudest, critics of President Trump. She made these comments about Pence following a New York Times report on Saturday that said the vice president has been hinting to party donors that he is ready to run in 2020 if Trump does not.

Pence responded to the rumors as “laughable and absurd” on Sunday. “The American people know that I could not be more honored to be working side by side with a president who is making America great again,” he said in a statement.

But Waters dismissed the vice president’s denial and explained why Trump is vulnerable. “If the people around you are leaking in the way that they’re doing, they are trying to tell us something. Of course, we don’t want classified information leaked out, and I don’t think that they would do that with a credible president. They’re doing that to this president because he has defined himself as someone who cannot be trusted,” she said.

Waters then said that the focus on national security leaks should start with the president himself. “The first thing they need to do is start with the president,” Waters said. “The president gave classified information to Russians in the White House and our ally Israel was very upset with us, so start with him.”

Waters then went to her ultimate threat, impeachment. She charged that Trump would face impeachment if he fires special counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed to lead the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

“I believe that if he moves on Mueller, that he has crossed the line,” Water said. “It’s a combination of that kind of thing and the information that’s going to come out about him that would cause impeachment,” she continued.

What do you think about the broad attack that Waters is making against the president and now the vice president? Recently, on “The View” Waters declared that her goal is to go after Trump and then go after Pence. But she confuses Pence with Putin in her statement. You can watch the clip below, let us see your comments.

Credit: The Hill


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