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Watch: McCain Expresses Distaste for “Media Frenzy”

Watch: McCain Expresses Distaste for “Media Frenzy”
WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 26: U.S. Sen. John McCain (C) (R-AZ) speaks during a press conference on the recent bombings by Saudi Arabia in Yemen March 26, 2015 in Washington, DC. During his remarks Graham said, "The Mideast is on fire, and it is every person for themselves." (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Senator John McCain spoke out about the cycle of news on the media in an interview on “Late Night” with Seth Myers.

Myers inquired about the stressful life that McCain must lead as reporters always wait eagerly to scribble down and plaster his words all over the media.

Every time you go into a meeting, are you just terrified when you walk back into the hallway that everything has changed?

McCain denies being a media critic, but he openly admits to hating it. He understands that the reporters’ jobs rest on finding good headlines, so he expresses the need to be very careful. In spite of his reported hatred for media, he is not bitter, and knew that the frenzied reports came with his political territory:

“Nobody drafted me; nobody forces you to be the United States Senator.”

He calls the massive crowds of reporters that wait as officials go in to vote a “media frenzy.” According to him, they “are all waiting and ambushing for something that’s quotable.” Yet He is also sure to state that he expects no different:

“I’m not complaining about it. That’s their job; that’s where the news is.”

McCain responds quite well to the media and their attempts to stir up controversy. Myers praises him for his response to the Kremlin’s snide Twitter remark:

McCain marvels at the fact that “we are now in a 30-second news cycle” with the Twitter world and its fast communication. He still never seems mad, even telling stories with a jest about the responses and death threats he receives from his millions of Twitter followers.


On a more serious note, he also told a story about a seditious conspiracy about a pizza parlor reported online that led to a retaliation shooting. He knows the need to establish truth on the media:

“This is dangerous stuff, my friends. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet!”

He won the favor of the crowd on this interview with his good attitude. When he joked about wishing to be President, the audience erupted in cheers.

Credit: The Hill


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