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Watch: Melania Now Gets Dragged Into the Stormy Daniels Scandal

Watch: Melania Now Gets Dragged Into the Stormy Daniels Scandal

There’s controversy in the media regarding whether or not Melania Trump should be brought into the story of Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. One pundit from the right has even said that the First Lady should be a role model for women and girls by ending her marriage.

Allahpundit, writing for “Hot Air,” said that Melania should not even be asked about Stormygate.

“The story’s fair game for the media to cover, irrespective of her feelings. Trump’s the president, there’s a legal battle surrounding what he did and didn’t do with Daniels, there may be criminal charges related to an unreported campaign contribution, there may even be someone connected to POTUS who threatened Daniels years ago. It’s news. The news doesn’t stop because it’s painful for the First Lady. But trying to drag her into it knowing how painful it must be for her is baffling.”

So this recent challenge for Melania to end her marriage as a political act on behalf of women, even though there are many other issues including her own child, seems way out of line. Does the First Lady really have a greater duty to the women of America than she has to her family?

In the Tweet below, SE Cupp Unfiltered wrote: ”Melania should do for this generation of girls what Hillary did not do for mine – and leave her jerk of a husband.”

Even Hillary, who has served as a feminist icon, should not have been asked to make a decision about her marriage so that 10-year-old girls could be “inspired.”

These are highly personal decisions, and should remain that way…far from the media spotlight.


Watch the clip below and let us know what you think.

Credit: Hot Air


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