Home News Watch: O’Reilly Makes Shocking Statement About This Minority Group

Watch: O’Reilly Makes Shocking Statement About This Minority Group

Watch: O’Reilly Makes Shocking Statement About This Minority Group

When people first started comparing Donald Trump to Hitler, the comments were almost hysterical. Hitler twisted the minds of college students and youth and changed their ways of thinking (see this woman’s view on Hitler and Trump). That’s been happening right before our very eyes in America.

In a recent interview between Bill O’Reilly (host) and Heather MacDonald (guest), O’Reilly went hard after Black Lives Matter comparing them to “Nazi Orthodoxy,” and he really isn’t that far off:

“So, you said the French revolution, this reminded me of Munich in the late 1920s, early 1930s. Where if you went up against the Nazi orthodoxy just starting to rise, they’d beat you up. You couldn’t speak. Is there any difference?”

MacDonald Responded with the following:

“The irony here is these people go under the moniker of antifascists. Can you imagine if conservatives tried shut down Elizabeth Warren from speaking? The fascist term would be thrown around promiscuously followed immediately by misogynist. Instead, this sort of thing gets no attention from The New York Times. But this is the very definition of fascist behavior, not only are they shutting me up, I can deal with that. But they are not allowing their fellow students to hear a range of views through the sheer exercise of brute force.”

It’s a pretty bold statement to say that BLM is like Nazis, but do you agree at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Credit: Media Matters


It was also reported on Wednesday that O’Reilly will be taking a vacation that he claimed was “pre-planned.” However, it may have more to do with his current sexual harassment suits.


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