Home News Watch: Republican Congressman Speech To the ‘Base’ Just Shook the Establishment

Watch: Republican Congressman Speech To the ‘Base’ Just Shook the Establishment

Watch: Republican Congressman Speech To the ‘Base’ Just Shook the Establishment

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) got the crowd ready for President Trump at the Value Voters Summit in Washington on Friday. He echoed the president’s emotion over athletes who protest during the national anthem, and he challenged American voters to drain the swamp by sending “dud” politicians home; even his Republican colleagues.

“It is time that we drain the swamp, right?” Meadows asked. “Well, that includes every single member of the House and Senate. If they’re not willing to do what they promised on their campaign trail, it’s time to send them home,” he said.

The North Carolina Republican then used a gun analogy.

“Occasionally, you pull the trigger, and it’s a dud,” he said. “You have two options: You can leave that in the chamber and pull the trigger, again and again, to see if it fires. Or you can eject it and put in another shell. I would suggest that we have some members that are duds that have been left in the chamber too long.”

Meadows, who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, had the spotlight just before Trump spoke at the rally. “There are times when you don’t make political statements…there are times when we’re sending troops and welcoming them home that you don’t make political statements,” Meadows said. “And I would suggest, that you don’t take a knee when there’s (a flag) flying out there.”

The president has taken on the National Football League players and other athletes who have taken knees during the playing of the national anthem at games. Trump has called the football protests disrespectful to the American flag and the U.S. military.

NFL players say they are drawing attention to what they feel is unequal treatment of African Americans and other minorities by law enforcement. They maintain it has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag or dishonoring U.S. troops.

Meadows used the platform to challenge the faith-based voters gathered at the rally to pray and support politicians who share their values. He urged them to vote against those who don’t share their values and stand in the way of a conservative agenda backed by Trump and the Freedom Caucus.

Meadows also urged the crowd to support changing the 60-vote rule and switch to a plan that would make it easier to move ahead with a simple 51-vote majority. A number of House Republicans are blaming the Senate rules for their failure to fulfill campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“It is time that we get rid of the 60-vote cloture rule in the Senate and start ruling like a majority,” he said. “I’m for no more excuses.”

Trump has said that the Senate was an obstacle to passing a Republican health care bill and that forced him to pursue another strategy to end Obamacare. His administration announced on Thursday that it would no longer pay insurers cost-sharing subsidies that have helped companies pay low-income American’s coverage.

“We’re taking a little different route than we had hoped, because getting Congress — they forget what their pledges were,” Trump told the summit. “But you know what? In the end, it’s going to be just as effective, and maybe it’ll even be better.”

What are your thoughts about how Rep. Mark Meadows worked the crowd in preparation for Trump’s speech? Do you agree with his challenge to “send politicians home?”

Credit: McClatchy DC Bureau I love politics so much!


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