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Watch: Pro Trump Media Are Increasing Pressure On Rosenstein

Watch: Pro Trump Media Are Increasing Pressure On Rosenstein

In the video clip below, you can watch Fox News Host Sean Hannity go after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for the way he is handling the ongoing Russia investigation. Hannity started off his show by calling the inquiry a “witch hunt,” saying it was “beyond corrupt, beyond political, and has turned into an open-ended fishing expedition.” Hannity accused Rosenstein of having ”inexcusable” conflicts of interest like Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Hannity then played a clip from an interview Rosenstein had with Fox News host Chris Wallace in which he insisted that Mueller’s investigation isn’t a fishing expedition.

Hannity then said, “Mr. Rosenstein, you can’t be serious. Now, you’re not going to let the special counsel turn this into a fishing expedition? Sir, it already has!”

Sean Hannity pointed out that the Russian investigation is supposed to be focused on the “alleged” collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, but now Mueller is investigating Trump’s finances.

Hannity also mentioned a new column written by law professor Jonathan Turley that urges Rosenstein to recuse himself. The reason for a recusal is that Rosenstein was the one who wrote the letter recommending the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey.

Hannity also focused on how many of Mueller’s legal team are Democratic donors. He said, “It’s now ridiculous, it’s beyond the pail, and Rosenstein should be ashamed of himself for even letting this happen.”

What do you think about how aggressively Hannity has gone after Rosenstein? Do you think he should recuse himself?

Credit: Mediaite


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