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Watch: Ryan and Pelosi Do Their First Ever Joint Interview

Watch: Ryan and Pelosi Do Their First Ever Joint Interview

“It’s a partisan, polarized country,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said about the violent shooting that took place with GOP leadership on a practice baseball field. But in a call for unity and a decrease of the violent rhetoric in our culture, today, Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came together for their first ever joint interview. They spoke with Jake Tapper during the Congressional baseball game at Nationals Park in Washington.

The two party leaders said that they thought it was important to come together on the day after the shooting at the Republican’s team’s practice on Wednesday. “All of us have a responsibility to watch our rhetoric,” Ryan said. “We’re passionate and believe passionately about our causes and issues, and we can do that without being vitriolic and fomenting around the country. That’s what leaders do, and members have the responsibility to do that.” Paul Ryan added that the bickering on both sides “goes too far.”

Pelosi said that much of the bipartisan work that is accomplished in Congress is completed without recognition. Only the more contentious issues get noticed. “What’s newsworthy is what is controversial,” Pelosi said. She brought up the work of the appropriations and intelligence committees that she serves, adding, “those committees are notoriously nonpartisan. Left to their own devices they can get their jobs done in a bipartisan way.”

Paul Ryan suggested that what is needed is for both parties to have an opportunity to “break bread” with one another. He said there needs to be more opportunity for leaders on both sides to get to know one another and each other’s families. Pelosi interjected that she thought Ryan was going to brag about how her grandchildren are big fans of Ryan. He added, “Yea, her grandchildren actually like me.”

It was their first interview together; we hope that it’s not their last. After you watch the video below, we are anxious to read your comments.

Credit: Mediaite


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