Home News Watch: Schiff Side Steps When Pressed About Collusion Claim

Watch: Schiff Side Steps When Pressed About Collusion Claim

Watch: Schiff Side Steps When Pressed About Collusion Claim

On Thursday, Representative Adam Schiff said that there is still no evidence that President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election.

Schiff also made it a point to distance himself from any charges of treason against the president.

Schiff recently claimed that he has seen “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion.

When questioned on “The View,” he was not able to offer anything substantial to back up his claim.

After months of an intensive investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, many believe that hard proof of collusion may never materialize.

Schiff noted, “I’ve never used the word treason,” before listing several “damning” incidents that proved Russia initiated contact with Trump’s campaign.

Host Meghan McCain asked, “Is it enough for Mueller to bring charges? Because if it isn’t enough for Mueller to bring charges, what does that mean? Charges of collusion.”

Schiff claimed that it is not his job to prove collusion happened. He did say, however, that it is his job to provide a narrative about what happened to the public (around the 1:30 mark). In other words enough if there is no proof of collusion we are going to muddy the waters to attack the president and say he colluded.

He said, “Bob Mueller will make the decision whether there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt to indict and convict people. It is not his responsibility to tell the country what happened, and indeed there’s no guarantee that the country will ever learn what Bob Mueller finds apart from an indictment. It’s the job of the Congress to tell the American people what happened, whether it reaches the standard beyond a reasonable doubt or we merely find clear and convincing evidence of collusion.”

McCain said, “I just think if Mueller doesn’t end up charging him, it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.”

Whoopi Goldberg agreed and concluded, “We won’t know.”

Check the out the video below…

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Credit: The Federalist


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