Home News Watch: Stelter Tell’s Off Conway But, She Wasn’t Haven It

Watch: Stelter Tell’s Off Conway But, She Wasn’t Haven It

Watch: Stelter Tell’s Off Conway But, She Wasn’t Haven It

CNN’s Brian Stelter and White House counselor Kellyann Conway just had an intense interview on Sunday. Stelter told Conway that it is not the cable news network’s job to do public relations for the White House. “It’s not our job to do your PR, it’s your job, and it seems the White House this week admitted that there has been a lot of failures because the press secretary all of the sudden resigned and left his job,” Stelter said to Conway on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”
Conway responded by saying, “That’s Sean’s decision, and Sean was up against incredible odds and as the president said in the tweet about Sean, he thanks him for his service and thinks he took a lot of unnecessary abuse.” She also noted, “We’re very happy to take questions from an outlet that I think has been incredibly unfair and systematically against this president. I guess you made the business decision to do so,” she said
Stelter countered quickly, “You said the company made a business decision to be unfair to the president, when in fact what we are trying to do is cover an unusual president and try to figure what the heck is going on in a White House that seems awfully dysfunctional.”
This certainly was heated, but it is just the most recent tense exchange between the White House and CNN. Deputy assistant to the president, Sebastian Gorka, has often sparred with various CNN anchors because of their coverage of the White House. And President Trump himself has taken aim at the network calling them “fake news” and “fraud news.” Trump raised a whole lot of eyebrows when he tweeted earlier this month a video of him beating up a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his face. The video was from an old wrestling promo.
You can watch a portion of the exchange between Stelter and Conway below. We would like to see your comments.

You can watch the full interview below:

Credit: The Hill


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