Home National News Watch: Two Senators Come Together To Talk “Revolution”

Watch: Two Senators Come Together To Talk “Revolution”

Watch: Two Senators Come Together To Talk “Revolution”

While so much of the Republican party is at odds with each other these days, two of the most prominent Democrats just got together at a rally in Boston. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) headlined the “Our Revolution” rally discussing the future of the Democratic Party and key policy issues. Sanders is considered a key player in the Democratic party after running for its nomination against Hilary Clinton, even though he still identifies as an Independent.

Warren spoke about her first encounter with Bernie at a dinner party in Washington. “So some of you know, I was a teacher, researcher and was doing work about what was happening to America’s middle class, this was several years back, and I got an invitation to come to dinner in Washington D.C. and I was told it would be with a lot of policy people so I did exactly what you expected me to do — I showed up with a bunch of charts and started talking about what was happening to hard working families all across this country.”

Warren went on to describe that most at that dinner were not interested, but there was “one guy with bright white hair” that really “got into it.” That was, of course, Sanders. She said, “It was like nobody else was in the room. And that was sort of the start of it with Bernie Sanders.”

At the rally, Elizabeth Warren spoke about the need to continue to fight for healthcare, especially in light of the Republican failure to pass their repeal and replace bill. Sanders discussed similar issues. He called for a “fundamental restructuring of the Democratic party.” And he pleaded that politicians take on the pharmaceutical companies, create better healthcare and develop a platform that represents the working class.

He also had some words about Warren. “You can tell the quality of a person by the enemies she makes, and to her credit, Elizabeth Warren has made some wonderful enemies,” Sanders gushed. He continued to describe those enemies: Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry as well as the fossil fuel industry. Sanders encouraged voters to make sure she stays in the Senate to fight for a progressive agenda.


They make a powerful team with a message about a Democratic “revolution.” What do you think about their partnership and their message?


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