Home News Watch: Welfare Thief FREAKS After Her Food Stamps Were Canceled

Watch: Welfare Thief FREAKS After Her Food Stamps Were Canceled

Watch: Welfare Thief FREAKS After Her Food Stamps Were Canceled

President Obama may have created generated a few good ideas during his presidency, but he practically drove America to her knees with the vast amount of Americans he allowed to have welfare. And now, many of those Americans have learned that it’s easier to receive welfare than work a job.

The following video shows just how ridiculous this “free money” mentality is. And it’s only going to get worse if we don’t put a stop to it now. The woman below simply brags about the money she gets for doing nothing. She continues to brag about not needing a job, and she’s never worked a day in her life. So her solution? Steal from the rest of us Americans.

Warning: If you consider yourself an American, you probably won’t be able to stand watching the whole thing. THIS is the reason we need to make sure entitlements go to the right people.

The woman didn’t even have guts to post this video on her youtube channel.  But still, the audience gave some incredible feedback, but I have to share the one from Okori Inaka:

There is NOTHING that a person could do… to DESERVE the PUNISHMENT of having a daughter like YOU, you ungrateful, unloving, over-weight, over-privileged, slob of a SLUG.
I served and fought for America for almost a DECADE in the Army to keep America going. I found out FAST that no one gives you ANYTHING for free.
YOU think money should be just GIVEN to you just because… WHAT? You’re…. YOU? You show NO TALENT for ANYTHING EVEN WORTH GETTING PAID FOR. GET OVER YOURSELF. What’s WORSE, is that YOU can’t even say this on your OWN YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!!!
Mother? Kick your B***H of a daughter out and show her who runs the house and what the world is really about. The fat slug on your couch is siphoning your life. Don’t let her treat you that way.
BE GLAD you’re not MY Daughter. I’d slap the S**T out of you for being such a SLUG. And according to YOUR SIZE? That’s a MOUNTAIN of S**T. You don’t DESERVE ANYTHING with that kind of attitude. And if anyone DOES find out where you live, which I HOPE they do, that they send both the ADDRESS, AND this video in as EVIDENCE…
You. Make. ME. SICK.

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Credit: Conservative Post


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