Home News WHOA: Collusion Between DNC & CNN EXPOSED! … Trump Was Right All Along!

WHOA: Collusion Between DNC & CNN EXPOSED! … Trump Was Right All Along!


The political left often dismisses the assertion by conservatives that there is a media bias. They laughed at Trump when he called the system “rigged.” But when emails are released that show collusion between the Democratic National Committee and CNN, then it leaves ceases to be right-wing fear-mongering and enters into the realm of “I told you so.”

First we had the leaked debate questions, and now we have the providing of questions by the DNC to CNN.

Check it out:





As noted by the Daily Caller, the interview was cancelled but there was no end to the collusion.


CNN said the interview was cancelled as of now but will keep the questions for the next one Good to have for others as well,

The Washington Examiner also reports that on Sunday, WikiLeaks released over 8,000 new emails from the DNC. The first batch released showed the DNC undermining the campaign of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. And after the release of emails showing Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Two DNC chairwomen let go, each for very similar ethics issues.

Of course, the Clinton campaign clings to their only answer to the leaked emails. “Russia hacked us.” It’s an excuse that doesn’t hold water and the American people are getting fed up with this nonsense.


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