Home News WHOA: Democrats Have A NEW Reason Why Hillary Lost… This Is Just SHOCKING!

WHOA: Democrats Have A NEW Reason Why Hillary Lost… This Is Just SHOCKING!


Clinton’s people first blamed the pro-Clinton biased mainstream media and then blamed the director of the FBI.

Now “misogynist” white women are their latest target.

That’s the reason her former communications director gave on a national TV show. Jess McIntosh, former communications director for Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, made the claim on Monday to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. She said the former secretary of state lost the election because of white women’s “internalized misogyny.” Watch the video here:

From The Daily Caller:

Internalized misogyny is a real thing and it’s something we have to be talking about. The president said it the best during this whole campaign. We as a society react poorly to women seeking positions of power.

McIntosh continued: “We are uncomfortable about that, and then we seek to justify that uncomfortable feeling because it can’t possibly be because we don’t want to see a woman in that position of power.”

She continued to negatively characterize white women as self-haters who hurt all women.

As we figure out exactly what happened with turnout, it seems to be white college educated women. My guess is that breaks down married, unmarried. My guess is that is breaks down older, younger, but we have work to do talking to those women about what happened this year and why, why we would vote against our self-interests.

How stupid are these Democrats? They continue to blame others and run from personal responsibility.


White women refused to vote for Clinton because she’s a deceitful crook who lied into the faces of all people in this country. She repeatedly lied, and lied about her lies. Men, especially married men, know all too well how intuitive women are about others.

Strong, successful women recognized the serious flaws in Clinton and sent her packing.


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