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Who Will Win And Who Will Cave? More Details On Trump And Putin Meeting

Who Will Win And Who Will Cave? More Details On Trump And Putin Meeting

As President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet for their first face-to-face on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany, which way will Trump go? In the election, Trump praised Putin as a “strong leader” with whom he would like to “reset” Russian-U.S. relations. But the climate in the culture now has great pressure for the president to take a tough stance with the Kremlin.
The allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s election have alarmed both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, and they are pushing to extend hard sanctions on Russia. Russian support for the Syrian government has prolonged the civil war in that nation and allowed the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, to use chemical weapons against his people. The chaos has caused a flood of immigrants to invade Europe.
Cory Gardner (R-Co) said, “President (Trump) needs to make it clear that the continued aggression by Russia around the globe … is unacceptable, and that they will be held accountable.”
President Trump has given signals that he wants to cooperate with Russia to defeat ISIS in Syria, deal with the rogue nation of North Korea and reduce nuclear stockpiles. But the White House has been silent on what they would be willing to give to Russia in exchange for the cooperation. There has been speculation that the president could decrease sanctions or even return two Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland and Long Island. Former President Obama seized those facilities and kicked out 35 Russian diplomats just before he left office as punishment for the election meddling. There is disagreement about how to move forward among Trump’s top leaders. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson supports cooperation and engagement, while Vice President Pence and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley have a much more stern tone on Russia.
The lack of clear unity in strategy has left U.S. allies nervous. A German diplomat said this on condition of anonymity, “Trump is like a horse with his front legs tied. He can’t make any big leaps forward in Russia. If he tried, people would immediately suspect it was all part of some big conspiracy.”
What do you think will come of this Trump/Putin face-to-face?
Credit: Reuters


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