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Wounded Vet Puts Hogg In His Place

Wounded Vet Puts Hogg In His Place

Has David Hogg, the vocal Parkland high school survivor, met his media match? Wounded warrior Derek Weida, who lost a leg while serving the country in Iraq, posted an intense rebuttal to Hogg’s gun control campaign on Friday. And as of Sunday evening, the post had over 44,000 likes and almost 20,000 shares. 

In 2015, this soldier was featured in Stars & Stripes for how physical fitness helped pull him out of depression after losing his leg to an insurgent’s bullet in 2007 while deployed to Iraq.

Weida wrote the post in reference to “listening to David Hogg speak.” It began with a direct piece of advice for the controversial teen: “Watch what you say.”

“I got shot on a house raid in Iraq. My getting shot didn’t make me a professional on war, international relations, house raids (obviously!), or guns,” wrote Weida, adding that despite the “horrible thing” that happened to him — and the feelings he had against the war in Iraq — he “didn’t come home and protest the war.”

Weida acknowledged that he “signed up to be shot at” as opposed to Parkland students, but he did have a few words to say about gun control.

“It’s not a gun problem, not a people problem, it’s a culture thing,” wrote Weida. “America loves guns. Accept that just like I had to accept that America loves God. Don’t ever be so quick to tell a whoooole lot of people how to live.”

Weida stated that while nobody “wants shootings of any kind,” in a way he’s “with” the anti-gun students. But he added, “It’s not even about the gun. It’s about the freedom and the right… And you can’t win an argument against that, nor should you (In most cases).”

“Yes, let’s find ways to deter those .001% of people as best we can but they’re gonna accomplish their task regardless… Most likely. I guess I just want to say don’t be so quick to talk. Don’t be so quick to think YOU are somehow the ONE person who has things figured out. You want to make a change? Cool!! But… Try to be less of a c*nt about it.”

Here’s the post below. Let us know what you think about a soldier’s response to Hogg.


Credit: Daily Caller


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