Home News WOW: Another HEALTH SCARE for Hillary … She Is UNFIT To Serve As President!

WOW: Another HEALTH SCARE for Hillary … She Is UNFIT To Serve As President!


After trashing Philadelphia with her dirty Democrat brethren, Hillary Clinton stumbled off her fuel-guzzling jet and staggered to her car on the way to a late-night rally Monday.

It was another “episode” for Hillary who’s health has been questioned. She had a previous and well-publicized staggering episode.

Here’s video posted by Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein of Hillary staggering into Bill Clinton’s arms:

The episode was reported at The American Mirror:

Bill Clinton met Hillary at the bottom of her airplane’s stairs in Philadelphia on Monday and she appeared to stumble as she made her way to the awaiting car.

Bill put his arm around her and she shuffled the short distance from the plane to the motorcade vehicle.

Hillary and crew flew next to an early-morning rally in North Carolina and then on to New York. She voted in New York Tuesday morning.

Hillary’s health continues as a topic of concern and much speculation as voters head to the polls.


Her claims of good health don’t correspond to video showing she doesn’t have the stamina, and possibly a serious illness. Everyone will know how strong she is after she loses the election.

The former secretary of state had a similar health scare in New York City after a ceremony commemorating the 15th anniversary of the events of September 11, in which Secret Service agents had to help her get into a van.


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