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You’re Fired: 500 Dumped From Troubled Agency

You’re Fired: 500 Dumped From Troubled Agency

President Trump has an incredible dedication to the promises he made during his campaign (no matter if you like them or not). One of the most accepted promises was his desire to “drain the swamp” of extra politicians and people that are just bogging down the government. During his campaign, Trump spoke often on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and said it was “probably the most incompetently run agency in the United States.”

Like many other promises, Trump is managing to stick to his word with five hundred and forty-eight VA employees being fired since President Trump took office. In a bid for more transparency, VA Secretary David Shulkin released a report that stated another 200 employees were suspended and 33 demoted.

The terminations affected senior leaders, nurses, police officers, and doctors. According to Daily Caller, several employees in lower-level jobs were fired due to being hired as felons and convicted sex offenders.

Veterans are dying left and right because of the bureaucracy of the VA system. Daily Caller reports on this saying:

“Scores of veterans have died waiting for care while VA bureaucrats falsified data to procure monetary bonuses, but fixes have been slow to come by largely because the union that represents VA employees has used its political muscle with Democrats to emphasize job security for government employees.”

Shulkin started as just the VA undersecretary, but as the Obama administration came to an end, Shulkin became more and more frustrated by the American Federation of Government Employees union. Like Daily Caller reported, this union and others like it continue to protect “bad employees’ supposed right to a government check even when they hurt veterans.”

Shulkin reports this during his time at the White House:

“Just last week we were forced to take back an employee after they were convicted no more than three times for DWI and had served a 60-day jail sentence … Our accountability processes are clearly broken.”

Do you think Trump is firing too many people or do you think this is needed? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Daily Caller


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