18 days Out and A New Georgia Special Election Poll Has Many On Edge

A few weeks ago Jon Ossoff (D) had a seven-point lead against Karen Handle (R), he now only leads by one point. According to a recent poll by the local news affiliate WSB-TV it’s 49% Ossoff 48% Handel. In a statement Thursday Handel’s campaign said:

“This race is neck and neck, and our campaign is going to continue to work as hard as we ever have to ensure we don’t send another career politician to Washington,” Ossoff’s campaign said in a statement Thursday. With the race tied, it’s important that every Republican take their duty to get out and vote seriously,” Handel’s campaign said in a statement Thursday. “Otherwise, California money could end buying another Georgia congressional seat for the Democrats.”

Early voting for this election starts on Tuesday and ends on June 16th.
Democrats and Republicans have flooded the campaign with millions of dollars. The result of this is, the race has now become the most expensive House race in US history.

The poll is said to have a margin of error 4.4% with 3% that are undecided.

A win by Ossoff in this race many say will show that the country has moved on from Trump and is looking for a change.
Polls always tighten before any election however, they didn’t tighten in Ossoff favor. Of course, as we know you can never rely on the polls. As for now we’ll just wait and see what happens on the morning of June 21st.

Source: The Hill