Adam Schiff suddenly realizes the obvious about trying to impeach Trump

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was interviewed on “This Week” stating that he is “convinced” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before Congress concerning his report on the investigation into Russian collision on the part of the Trump campaign.

The special counsel did not recommend any charges against the president and didn’t find the collision that the media and Democratic representatives consistently cited in the almost two years that the investigation spanned.

“I am convinced it’s going to happen,” Schiff, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

“The American people have every right to hear what the man who did the investigation has to say and we now know we certainly can’t rely on the attorney general who misrepresented his conclusions. So he is going to testify,” he added.

The committee chairman made his argument that Congress needs to hear from Mueller himself because of reports that Mueller’s team wasn’t happy with Attorney General William Barr presented the investigation to Congress.

Congress has requested that Barr retract the redactions in the Mueller report that he was legally required to enact, however, Barr has refused and requested that the president protect him from being held in contempt of Congress, which lawmakers have threatened.

“We have the Mueller report, although we still haven’t heard from the man himself. And I think the first priority has to be, get Mueller before the Congress and the American people,” he said.

However, Schiff was consistent in the Democratic party’s position that they were not ready to talk about impeachment proceedings against the president, and said that it would be entirely too divisive to the country.

“And yes, it’s certainly true that these additional acts of obstruction, a president having obstructed the Justice Department investigation, now obstructing Congress, does add weight to impeachment. But you know, part of our reluctance is we are already a bitterly divided country and an impeachment process will divide us further,” he said.