After Kavanaugh Is Vindicated, Chuck Grassley Gives Michael Avenatti What He Deserves

Grassley and Avenatti

Chuck Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, lashed out at porn star attorney Michael Avenatti after he criticized the Iowa Republican’s decision to refer his client’s allegedly false report about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Justice Department. 

Avenatti had tweeted: “My client Ms. Swetnick and I are still waiting on the supposed “criminal investigation” that Chuck “I Never Went to Law School” Grassley demanded. I have only heard from the FBI once – to tell me I was a target of your MAGA bomber. You are a complete fraud.”

One of Avenatti’s clients, Julie Swetnick claimed that while she and Kavanaugh were in college he was an accessory to drugging women who were then gang raped. Avenatti also represents Stormy Daniels who is suing President Trump. 

Swetnick seemed to contradict herself in an interview with NBC News correspondent Kate Snow when pressed on the matter.

“Chuck Grassley’s partisan report is garbage. There is no evidence my client or I did anything wrong. We are still waiting and hoping the FBI fully investigates this matter. Chuck evidently doesn’t have any juice,” Avenatti said Monday.

Grassley said Avenatti has made personal attacks on him as well, adding that the statement “tells me what generally happens when lawyers don’t have the facts on their side — they start attacking the individual.”

“Another week has gone by and still NOTHING has happened on your BS request for a criminal investigation. Are you this incompetent? And how about your ridiculous report where you claim there is “evidence” but then provide none. Where’s the beef Chuck?” Avenatti tweeed.

Credit: Fox News Insider