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Ali Najmi — Campaign Recap and History

Ali Najmi is a practicing criminal defense attorney. He ran as a candidate for the Democratic party during the 2015 elections for New York City Council District 23.

Najmi was unsuccessful in his campaign, and Barry Grodenchik defeated him.

An Ali Najmi Campaign Overview

Describing himself as a progressive democrat, Najmi ran on a campaign platform based on creating good jobs and creating a system that would allow all of his district’s residents to share in New York City’s prosperity.

Economy and jobs

Najmi promised that he would “build an economy that works for everyone” by improving the education system and by creating more jobs in the city.

He stated that equal opportunities and well funded public schools were his primary priorities.


Seniors were an important part of Najmi’s platform. If elected, he vowed to expand senior care. He was especially concerned with helping immigrant seniors, saying that their lack of English makes them particularly vulnerable.

During his campaign, Ali Najmi proposed to create senior centers that would accommodate immigrants of the district.

Roads and transportation

Najmi’s campaign also made a promise to improve city roads and public transport. He said that Jamaica Avenue “has deteriorated to become one of the worst in the city” and declared that there are many other streets just like it.

Najmi guaranteed that he would ensure that the city would maintain it’s roads to a high standard. He also asserted that he would upgrade the city’s mass transportation infrastructure.

Legal protection for taxi drivers

During his campaign, Najmi drew attention to the legal plight of taxi drivers across the city. He argued that taxi drivers are legally discriminated against due to the current system, which revokes their license upon arrest rather than following a conviction.

He highlighted that due to drawn-out legal processes, many innocent taxi drivers were without income before being proven not guilty in court.

Green space accessibility

Another one of Najmi’s campaign policies was to allow access to better recreational spaces for his district’s residents.

He pledged to make sure that green areas are made more accessible to all residents.

What Is Najmi Doing Now?

Ali Najmi hasn’t run for public office since 2015. He likely continues working at his private law firm.

Earlier in 2019, Najmi was appointed to New York City’s Taxi Medallion Task Force to develop a solution for struggling and debt-ridden medallion owners and drivers.

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