AOC suggests Nancy Pelosi is putting her life in danger

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was singling her and other women of color out to criticize their politics and that the backlash could be hazardous to her health.

“It’s singling out four individuals, and knowing the media environment that we’re operating in, knowing the ammount of death threats that we get, knowing the amount of concentration of attention, I think it’s just worth asking why,” Ocasio-Cortex told CNN according to The New York Post.

The rift between social media darling Ocasio-Cortez and the most powerful woman in the United States, has escalated over the past few days, including comments made by both during interviews, pointed at one another.

“I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees,” the rookie congresswoman told The New Yorker Radio Hour Tuesday, according to the Post. “So my hands are full. And sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to keep me busy.”

Just one day later, Pelosi commented on the issues between progressive and moderate Democrats during her own interview, highlighting a tongue lashing that she gave to some of her rogue representatives.

“So, again, you got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it,” Pelosi told Democrats, POLITICO reported. “But do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just OK.”

The vaguely ominous nature of Ocasio-Cortez’ comments are reminiscent of the lack of support that the congresswoman has given to an eight-year-old girl who has retreated from Twitter after receiving threats due to her impersonation of the famous AOC.

Political commentator and Fox News contributor Graham Allen called out New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for what he considers to be a double standard on her part for failing to defend her 8-year-old impersonator who has received violent threats from the representative’s followers.

During a Tuesday appearance on “Fox & Friends First,” Allen posed the question of why Ocasio-Cortez has spoken up for non-American children being held at the border after attempting to cross into the United States illegally with other illegal adults, but hasn’t spoken up for a child that she could likely do much more to protect; Ava Martinez or “Mini-AOC.”

“AOC talks about how she cares about children and the crisis at the border and how terrible they are treating children, but when we find out her very own supporters are threatening the life of a child who is simply making parody videos of the congresswoman, we hear nothing, and I think that speaks louder than any words could,” Allen said.