Bill Barr changes course, decides not to recuse himself

Attorney General William Barr has decided not to recuse himself from the sex trafficking case of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in New York according to The New York Post.

Barr was expected to recuse himself because he previously served as counsel for a law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, which had previously represented the convicted sex offender.

“After consulting Justice Department ethics officials, Attorney General William Barr will not recuse himself from overseeing the sex-trafficking case of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein…” the New York Post reported.

“A Justice official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity that Barr is still recused from any review of a 2008 plea deal that allowed Epstein to avoid federal charges in Florida.”

“I am recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was a firm I subsequently joined for a period of time,” Barr told reporters in South Carolina on Monday, according to the Post.

The billionaire sex offender was charged in federal court in Manhattan on Monday with charges of abusing dozens of underage girls. Epstein has already served 13 months in prison in Florida after a deal that lead to him pleading guilty to two charges of soliciting a prostitute.

The deal was brokered by Labor Secretary and former top federal prosecutor for southern Florida Alex Acosta who was harshly criticized for the deal that Epstein took, which allowed him to be released during the day to conduct business.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway weighed in and told Reporters on Tuesday that President Donald Trump, who previously socialized with the fellow billionaire, saying that “he hasn’t talked to or had contact with Epstein in years and years and years,” according to the Post’s report.

Conway was also clear that Acosta is still supported by the president: “I would go back to who the perpetrator is here; his name is Jeffrey Epstein,” she said.

Acosta said on Twitter on Tuesday: “The crimes committed by Epstein are horrific, and I am pleased that NY prosecutors are moving forward with a case based on new evidence” that “offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice.”

He added: “With the evidence available more than a decade ago, federal prosecutors insisted that Epstein go to jail, register as a sex offender and put the world on notice that he was a sexual predator.”

“Now that new evidence and additional testimony is available, the NY prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice,” he wrote.