Bloomberg Makes A Shocking Statement About Trump and Warns Democrats

What do you think the chances are of Donald Trump being elected for a 2nd term in 2020? Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has weighed in on the reelection chances of the president and said there’s a “55 percent chance” President Trump wins again for a 2nd term. Bloomberg made his statement during an interview with the NY Times which you can read here. The interview was done written by Frank Bruni titled “How We Die.”

Bloomberg identifies himself as an independent and thought the Democrats ran a very poor election campaign in 2016. He told the New York Times columnist, Frank Bruni, that the Democrat’s lacked an effective core message in the last election and could very well repeat the same mistake in 2020.

“Hillary said, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad,’” Bloomberg said about 2016.

He continued to say that the whole Democratic party is still looking for the right issues and messages. One of his big concerns about the election in 2020 is that too many Democrats will be anxious to throw their hat in the ring for the presidential race. “They’ll step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said.

The former mayor of NYC endorsed Hilliary Clinton in 2016 and even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. During that speech, he called candidate Trump a “dangerous demagogue.”

Do you think Bloomberg is right about Trump’s chances for reelection? Is he right about the Democratic party? Or he is just creating a storyline that will make it easier for an independent, like himself, to run an effective campaign? We’re waiting for your thoughts on this subject.

Credit:  The Hill