Rising Republican Star Mocks Trump, Blames Him for Racism, and Resigns

Brandon DeFrain

Brandon DeFrain who was a local Michigan Chairman of the Republican Party is calling it quits. He wrote a 333-word facebook post resigning and then made his account private. Michigan Live Reports:

Expressing disappointment over President Donald Trump and vowing to no longer be affiliated with any political party, the chairman of the Bay County Republican Party has stepped down from his post.
Brandon DeFrain, who has served as the chairman of the Bay County Republican Party since 2014, announced his resignation in a 333-word post on his personal Facebook page on Thursday, Feb. 8.
Officials with the party have called an emergency meeting for Tuesday, Feb. 13, to discuss filling the open position. David Scholl, vice chairman of the party, said he would likely finish DeFrain’s term as chairman through the end of the year.
“Brandon was excellent for us and he did move us forward,” Scholl said. “In this last presidential election, he was very instrumental in getting the word out and helping the party have a presence in Bay County.”
Trump won the Democrat-heavy Bay County with 53 percent of the vote.

In that Facebook post, DeFrain argued there has been a rise in racism and hatred since Trump has taken office:
“Since Inauguration Day I’ve shared my opinion in close circles and mainly with family members, friends and my wife. I haven’t spoke much about the current state of political affairs because in the past, I believed in giving our leaders a chance. Since I’ve been involved in politics I’ve spent my time learning about the passion on both sides. I have found myself torn. This leads to where my mind is today. I do not support the actions coming from the White House. I felt a strong sense of unity in Bay County during the 2016 election. Despite some of the terrible things being said in campaigns around the country, I felt that people in our community could come together and embrace a change. But it seems that national politics only lead to us hating each other regardless who we vote for.”


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