Op Ed

Drudge Takes Aim at Bannon and Moore

Matt Drudge just went after Steve Bannon today by writing this scandalous headline in the lead story: “BANNON TURNS ON JUDGE WHORE.” In a...

Hypocrites, Fake News, Or Real? NY Times Takes Some Heat

The hypocrisy in this nation is getting out of control, and it's getting several more conservative voters irritated beyond belief. The most recent example...

Obama Warns Americans Against Trump And Nationalism

Former President Barack Obama said goodbye to the White House over five months ago, but he can’t seem to let some of those old...

Bloomberg Makes A Shocking Statement About Trump and Warns Democrats

"Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has weighed in on the reelection chances of the president and said..."

Ben Jacobs Didn’t Give Fellow Journalist A Fair Shake When They Claimed They Were...

"A Fox News representative and the Fox News reporter have flatly denied the allegation."

Meet the Man that Claims To Be the Leaker of the Comey Memo and...

"I insisted that Schmidt record the conversation and give me a copy of the recording."

President Attacks the ‘Deep State’ This Morning After Announcement of Special Prosecutor

"The President voiced his opinion this morning using Twitter."

Media Report Reveals What They Claim Is Something We Should All Be Worried About

"The chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline."

Netflix Takes Out ‘Bill Nye’ Episode Do To Politically Incorrect Language

"During an old episode called “Probability,” a girl teaches viewers that your chromosomes determine your gender."


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