Op Ed

The New Number 1 Reality Show

"Trump calls a lot of the reporters that he denigrates publicly."

Something May Be Blossoming in DC and It’s Not Just the Cherry Trees

"Could the Democrats and the Trump administration find any common ground."

Maddow’s Rating Grab Blows Up In Her Face

"Maddow appeared with the 1040’s in her hand."

The Case Laid Out By Conservatives That Obama Spied On Trump

"FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court."

Think A Border Wall Is Too Expensive? Think Again.

"Numbers also don’t calculate the number of drugs that will be stopped"

Could This One Thing Reduce the Funding of Terrorism Overseas?

"Oil bears responsibility for financing terrorists"

Outrage Setting In Blue Base As Elected Democrats Seemed Paralyzed

"Commentator Robert Reich issued a statement it said..."

Post Press Conference: Press Shell Shocked

"Media retreated to their networks and were acting like..."


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