Another Ratings Grab: Schilling Makes Inflammatory Statements About Clinton

"Thank God we got Trump in office… if we would have had that ..."

Ivanka Trump Becomes Official At the White House

“This arrangement appears designed to allow Ms. Trump to avoid the ethics, conflict-of-interest and other rules that apply to White House employees."

LA Mayor Defies Trump and Vows Not To Change Cities Status

"Los Angeles additionally receive $1.8 million to support the city’s efforts to reduce criminal gang activity."

Bannon Is Getting Republicans In Line For A Second Chance At A Major...

"Steve Bannon may be orchestrating a move to rally the big legislative victory that has eluded the White House."

Will Maryland’s Proposed ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill Put Residents at Risk?

"The governor is opposed to that, I’m glad to hear.”

Trump Bi-Passes Law, Gives Son-In-Law West Wing Office Position

Trump managed to get “special hiring authority.”

Watch: News Hosts Are Loosing Their Minds For Ratings

"During this week there have been two major occurrences from both sides of the isle."

Last Week’s Westminster Attack Opens Door To Latest Security-Versus-Privacy Debate

"Rudd was evident concerning her desire for social media companies to ensure they do not provide a safe hiding place for terrorist groups to communicate among one another."


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