Pelosi and the House

Nancy Pelosi Is Quickly Losing Support To Become House Speaker

Rep. Nancy Pelosi seems to be riding the so-called “blue wave” right back into her seat as Speaker of the House. She said that...
Trump, Obama and Kavanaugh

With Kavanaugh On The Bench, Trump Moves To End Obama Policy Once And For...

President Donald Trump is wasting now time now that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is sitting on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court. His administration...
Obama and the Caravan

Barack Obama’s Past Finally Comes Back To Haunt Him

President Donald Trump found an unwitting ally in his battle against illegal immigration. The president used former President Barack Obama to drive his position...
Sanders Trump and Schumer

Democrats Get Awful News Right Before Midterm Elections

There is just a little over two weeks before the midterm elections, and the Democratic effort to create a massive blue wave just got...
Schumer, Kavanaugh and Trump

Brett Kavanaugh Gets Great News Ahead Of Confirmation Vote

The numbers are in on how voters feel about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and many people are going to be surprised. A...

Today the R’s and D’s Are Singing One Song: ‘Georgia Is On My Mind’

"The most expensive congressional contest in U.S. history."

Candidates Speak Out Over Controversial Ad Just Released In Georgia Special Election By PAC

"The spot then shows several images and videos including..."

18 days Out and A New Georgia Special Election Poll Has Many On Edge

"Our campaign is going to continue to work as hard as we ever."


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