Home News Republican Governor Endorses National Ban on Assault Weapons

Republican Governor Endorses National Ban on Assault Weapons

Republican Governor Endorses National Ban on Assault Weapons

The Republican governor of Massachusetts just declared that he would be in favor of federal government officials implementing a ban on assault-style weapons.

Gov. Charlie Baker told reporters on Wednesday that a similar ban has been a positive move forward for Massachusetts.

“Look, I think the assault weapons ban in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, based on all the data that’s available, has served this commonwealth well,” he said.

“And I think it would be appropriate at this point for the federal government to adopt something similar.”

These comments from Baker come after a 2013 clip of Baker distancing himself from a federal ban on these weapons resurfaced. In that clip baker said about his state ban, “We’ve had it since 1998 … and gun crime has gone up since then by a lot. If I thought it would solve the problem, I’d be all for it. But I need to see the evidence. I would like to see the evidence.”

The governor’s change from 2013 comes in the wake of 17 people being gunned down in a Parkland Florida high school. Since the massacre, students have been demanding that lawmakers act and pass new gun-control laws.

President Trump and other lawmakers have been discussing new proposals that could curb gun violence across the country, including raising the minimum age for purchasing certain types of guns and increasing background checks.

Do you think endorsements from governors like Charlie Baker will have an impact on future legislation?

Credit: The Hill


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