Chris Cuomo and Chuck Todd can no longer hide how much they hate each other

The results of a Hollywood Reporter, interview done with CNN’s Chris Cuomo ended with the CNN anchor in a virtual tiff with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

Cuomo, who was the subject of a profile titled ‘I Was Built for the Battle’: Chris Cuomo Is Fighting for His Life on CNN,” Cuomo commented on fellow news anchors, including Todd, Anderson Cooper, and Jake Tapper.

Cuomo, who hosts the “Cuomo Prime Time” program on CNN, said: “Anderson Cooper is a hell of a lot bigger than any male anywhere on network television.

“I would argue that Chuck Todd ain’t Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper has a much bigger footprint in politics than Chuck Todd does.”

Todd seemed mystified as to why Cuomo would say something so derogatory about him, considering that the pair are barely acquainted.

Speaking on WABC’s “Bernie and Sid in the Morning” radio show, Todd said he has no idea why Cuomo sideswiped him in such a way.

“I don’t know the guy, I’ve met him once, I don’t know much about him, I’m not kidding. I’ve no idea where this guy’s coming from,” he told the hosts according to Fox News.

“I just read it as somebody who wanted to defend the fact that nobody in broadcast television wanted to hire him I guess, or he couldn’t get the job that he wanted. I don’t know what it was but he was awfully defensive, so he took shots at other people. I’m like, ‘dude.'”

He continued: “If you’re going to promote somebody, promote somebody. You don’t have to disparage somebody at the same time.”

While Todd claims little acquaintance with Cuomo, he said that he has a close relationship with Tapper, who serves as the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN.

Todd called Tapper one of his closest friends and said that Tapper was “probably angrier” than anyone about Cuomo’s comments. Tapper, however, has yet to publicly comment on the anchor’s statement.

“When you’re being [judged] solely on [ratings], it sucks, he’s defensive because he’s being judged on ratings,” Todd went on. “And ok, so he’s up against two juggernauts at 9 p.m. Nobody would be doing well in that time slot.”

Cuomo is in direct competition with Fox News’s “Hannity” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” in the 9 p.m. slot.