Chris Wallace Reveals Donald & Melania Treated Rudely At Bush Funeral: “I Was Struck…”

As heads of state were gathered to mourn and say farewell to the former 41st president of the United States, many of the cameras were focused on the current president, Donald Trump, and how he was received by his peers.

The president and first lady arrived after former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle, as well as former President Bill Clinton and former first lady Hillary.

Presidents 42 and 44 were the closest to the Trumps since George W. Bush sat with his family during the ceremony, but the reception for the Trumps was cool, at best.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace pointed out the chill that reigned down on the former White House occupants when the current president arrived to take his seat.

“I have to say I was struck when President Trump and Melania Trump came to the front row, that it was as if a chill had descended on that front row,” Wallace said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” during live coverage of the Bush state funeral at Washington National Cathedral.

“You had seen a lot of chatty talk between the Clintons and the Obamas, the Carters. But when Donald Trump sat down, the greeting that he was given by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama was about as cool as it could have been.”

“It seemed like they exchanged ‘hello’ ‘morning’ and that was it, and at that point, they all stopped talking to one another.

“And obviously, yes I agree with Ed, yes this is the greatness of America, but there also is a reality and there are some ill fillings among some of the people in the front row.

“And I have to say that while there is usually a president’s club and even people that ran against and one beat the other, that doesn’t seem to have been extended to president Trump.”

While both the president and first lady greeted the Obamas and shook their hands, the Clintons remained distant, with only a nod to the first lady from Trump’s former rival, and no acknowledgment at all for the president.