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Clinton Aide COMPLAINS About FBI Letter … Hillary’s Team Is PANICKING!


Democrats are scrambling like rats in a fire after the bombshell announcement the FBI is investigating hundreds of thousands of emails that may change the course of the presidential election.

A letter from the FBI director over the weekend sent to Congress stated another criminal investigation uncovered the emails with possible connections to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Her previous email corruption scandal did not result in any indictments from federal officials.

The firestorm of news raced through news media outlets through Monday. Republicans praised the new investigation and Democrats, believing they already got away with everything, pleaded their pack of lies through the media and pounded federal officials.

As reported in The Hill:

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign manager, Robby Mook, on Sunday defended the Democratic presidential nominee after FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to lawmakers telling them the agency had found new emails “pertinent” to its investigation into Clinton’s private server from her time as secretary of State.

“What we’re concerned and disturbed by is that Director Comey sent a letter saying we have some information. I don’t know if it’s significant; I don’t know if it isn’t,” Mook said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Watch the Democrat try to defend the ongoing controversy:


Comey hasn’t confirmed specifics about the investigation which has riled Democrats.

Mook said Comey didn’t say if the emails found were sent or received by the Democratic nominee. Another hypothetical situation is that the emails are duplicates that have already been released, Mook said.

“We need all the information,” Mook said, adding the FBI director needs to get it out quickly.

“That’s what we’re asking,” he continued. “Just get all of it out there and the voters can judge for themselves.”

Following denials of any Clinton wrongdoing, Mook let loose the Democratic dance to defer blame to others. He feigned concern for American voters

He said the campaign recognizes the FBI director was under “tremendous pressure” from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and GOP leaders.

He added voters want to hear the candidates address the issues facing this country.

Mook tried to make the case his candidate is past the email controversy that most Americans are still concerned is fraught with corruption.

Mook said the Democratic nominee has said her use of the private server was a mistake and made clear that Clinton cooperated fully with the investigation.

“We don’t know anything, and this close to an election. This unprecedented announcement of new information when it’s been reported … that the FBI may have not even seen it, that Director Comey sent this unprecedented letter shortly before the election when he doesn’t even know what the information is,” Mook said.

“That’s disturbing, and we’re just asking him, get everything out there that he knows.”

Wallace wouldn’t let Mook squirm away so easily.

Host Chris Wallace pressed Mook over whether Clinton has discussed the newly discovered emails with Huma Abedin, a top aide.

“There is someone who knows what’s in all those emails and that is Huma Abedin,” said Wallace.

After Comey sent a letter to lawmakers on Friday, The New York Times reported that the emails were discovered during a separate investigation into former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Weiner is married to Abedin.

“Director Comey has put out a letter. It has three paragraphs. It says nothing about Huma Abedin,” said Mook.

“It says nothing about who these emails were to or from. He just said he has information that may be significant. we don’t even know if it is.”

Mook told Wallace he was inferring that the emails came from Abedin.

“Why wouldn’t Clinton ask anybody? They could be emails from anybody in the world,” Mook added.

After Wallace pushed the subject, Mook said Clinton had not asked Abedin what is in the emails.

News of the emails and Comey’s letter to Congress erupted on the news scene over the weekend. It was a revelation that blind-sided Democrats and Clinton already struggling as polls showed Republican Donald Trump steadily cutting away Clinton’s lead among voters.

A renewed investigation may help Trump’s campaign, but what it helps most is that mainstream media – essentially a state-controlled media today – can’t bury Clinton’s reckless corruption in the last days of the election. This helps American voters see the real Clinton who is desperately trying to steal the presidency and create her own power center to destroy the country. She’ll sell out anyone or anything American to pad her pockets and quench her bloodlust for power.

Barely a week to go before election day, and the US has a presidential race that will never be forgotten. And, now, Clinton’s corruption and abuse of power won’t be buried by Democrats and mainstream media before the polls close. She must face America daily through the end of the race.


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