Clinton Aides: “There’s A Lot More Emails Then She’s Leading You To Believe”

Do you remember when the whole email scandal broke? It seems like it was a million years ago, but in reality it has only been since March of 2015. The New York Times broke the story about Hillary using a “home brew” server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Hillary assured the FBI and the American people that she had turned everything over.

However, we learned, there were 30,000 emails that were destroyed by the Clinton team because they were of a personal nature. Hillary said,

They had nothing to do with work, I didn’t see any reason to keep them … no one wants their personal emails made public, and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy.

But wait, there’s more! It turns out (and I’m not telling you something you haven’t heard before) that there were about 17,000 emails discovered by the FBI and many of them were work-related.

Clinton’s team knew this. As reported by the Daily Caller, two days after the New York Times broke the story about the server, Clinton chief strategist Joel Benson told advisor Jim Margolis that there were “definitely” emails that were not being released.

Look, I know these look like classified documents. Totally not.

If it was just “poor judgement,” then why was there a concerted effort by the Clinton staff to suppress certain emails from becoming public? I think that the Clinton team knew that what was happening was wrong, but unable or unwilling to stand up to Hillary and her top people, found themselves getting sucked down into the quicksand of illegality. Those at the top were most likely the ones responsible, if only some low-level staffer would come forward to shed some light on what really went on. But, who wants to end up like Vince Foster?

It’s like that scene in “The Core,” when the FBI charged into the hacker’s apartment and he looks them in the eye and says, “Okay, I know these look like computers. Totally not.

The scene for this movie? Hillary Clinton looking the FBI in eye and saying, “Look, I know these look like classified documents. Totally not.” Unfortunately, this is real life, this involves the National Security of America, and lives have been given and are on the like because of it.