CNN Accused Of Hiding Border Wall Effectiveness

A San Diego TV station is calling out CNN. They said the network had asked for a “local view” and then “declined to hear from us” after past reports from the station showed that a border wall was effective.

A CNN spokesperson responded to KUSI’s claim on Friday, calling it a “non-story.” They said the network ultimately didn’t book any reporters from stations in the San Diego area.

“We called several local stations to book someone for a show. We didn’t end up booking any of them,” said a CNN spokesperson in a statement. “That happens many times every single day. We did, however, book a reporter from KUSI for a story on immigration and the border wall on CNN in November. This is a non-story.”

But KUSI has stood by their criticism of CNN. ”Thursday morning, CNN called the KUSI Newsroom asking if one of our reporters could give them a local view of the debate surrounding the border wall and government shutdown,” a report by KUSI, an independent station in San Diego that began airing in 1982, begins.

“KUSI offered our own Dan Plante, who has reported dozens of times on the border, including one story from 2016 that was retweeted by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and posted on,” the statement continues and also links to a border fence tour report.

“We believe CNN declined a report from KUSI because we informed them that most Border Patrol Agents we have spoken to told us the barrier does in fact work,” it concludes. “We have continuously been told by Border Patrol Agents that the barrier along the Southern border helps prevent illegal entries, drugs, and weapons from entering the United States, and the numbers prove it.”

The partial government shutdown has reached its 21st day on Friday. Trump has demanded $5.7 billion for the wall, while Democrats have offered $1.3 billion for border security measures.

The president is said to be strongly considering a national emergency declaration to get the wall done.

Credit: The Hill